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About Adrisya_Shabnam Bhojwani


Adrisya - Trinkets born of Love

Adrisya is an innovative & contemporary fashion jewellery company that creates unique, elegant jewelry designs based on trends and inspirations from every fashion season. Founded in 2012, Adrisya Jewellery Store has been committed to delivering the most beautiful Indian as well as modern jewellery pieces available to keep their customers satisfied.

Our jewellery collections are contemporary, keeping in mind both, the modern day trends and a touch of tradition. We believe jewellery comes from a magnificent world of stories and each piece carries a bit of the making with them. 

A simple piece of jewellery may come alive, by the person who is wearing it. 

About Shabnam Bhojwani  - Creative Director/ Designer

One of my fondest memories as a child, was over the summers during our visits to India, watching my mother and aunts getting ready to attend all the Indian parties. You must look your best, and dazzle the crowd as if you were hosting the party yourself. The way we dress in India, is in itself a form of art. We adorn ourselves everyday into beautiful works of art.  You truly can never have 'enough' jewellery.

Growing up in Taipei, Taiwan I was exposed to the east Asian style of grace and simplicity.  Watching women of different cultures put on an assortment of rings, necklaces, and bangles, instilled in me that jewellery was the ultimate feminine accessory wherever you are. 

Having an Indian origin gave me a chance to enjoy a flair of multi diversity and colour. Adding my design background, my flair for jewellery is self-taught and I have spent many hours sitting with artisans from all over learning the trade. 

My pieces are creative inspirations that are wrapped around the fusion of the east and west that create a mixture of informal elegance, and boldness.  

They are a source of empowerment and inspiration for me and have been created with the vision of truly setting good intentions for the person who wears them.

I hope my jewelry collections inspire you to adorn yourselves with the same creative expression that they were made with.