Rare and Unique Jewelry

Much has changed in how jewels are crafted and perceived.

Over the years, art jewelry has evolved and become a personal adornment that is easy to use.

For the women who want something different, we offer a special collection of rare and unique costume jewelry that are designed and handcrafted in India.

Each pieces tells their own story.

Click on, EXPLORE and view our beautiful selection of Jewelry that are easy to fall in love with!

Say Yes to Hues

The weather is warm, hemlines are getting shorter and bright colors are all around us. It can only mean one thing: Summer is here… Yesss!

What are Doublets?

Doublet jewelry pieces are a very unique category of gems.

The creation of the doublet begins with an original gem and a faceted crystal. These special doublets form when two separate gems are blended to create one gemstone.


Stemming from an insatiable desire to make every woman feel beautiful, each of Adrisya's pieces is handmade with integrity, love and a contemporary influence that are affordable, unique and above all a reflection of pure design.

~ Shabnam Bhojwani

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We Just Got Wired!

I was recently asked,  “Is wire wrapped jewelry considered “real “jewelry?"  What do you think?   Turning Wire into Art provides endless opportunities and creates lots of hours to create an artful piece. Even though the techniques...

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