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How to work out the correct ring size

If you are not sure about your ring size, then read on for our tips on how to find out your size.

A few tips to start:

• You can use the inner diameter of the ring to determine its size (you can easily find out the size using the conversion table below).

• A finger's size varies depending on the temperature and the time of day. For that reason, measure your finger at room temperature during the day. It is best to repeat the measurement 2 to 3 times to prevent any errors.

• If you are deciding between two sizes, choose the smaller one. It is not difficult to have the ring enlarged, but size reduction is more demanding.

• Wide bands tend to fit more tightly than thin ones. In this case, when deciding between two sizes, it is better to choose the bigger one.

• The most common women’s sizes for wedding rings (the left ring finger) are 6 and 6.5; for men, the most common sizes range from 9 to 9.75.

• If your knuckle is much larger than the base of your finger, you should take this into consideration. It is important that you are able to pull the ring over the knuckle comfortably. It may fit a bit loosely, but you can rest assured that it will not slip off.

• For rings with many gemstones or engravings, size adjustment may be problematic. In these cases, it really is better to have the size measured by an expert.

How to determine the ring size using another matching ring

If you have another ring available that you know fits well, you can determine the exact size quickly and conveniently by measuring it yourself.

Measuring using a ruler

The easiest method is to measure the inner diameter of the available ring using a ruler.

Measuring using a mandrel (found in jeweller's shops)

Another option in determining ring size is to use a mandrel. It is most of the time made of metal and has 4 specific scales - EU sizes, US sizes, UK sizes and inner diameter.

A tip for you:

You can make an alternative to the mandrel at home if you don't have a jeweller nearby. Roll a piece of paper into the inside of the ring and, with a pencil, trace a circle where the ring touches the paper. Then, measure the resulting mark to find out the Ring size.

How to determine the ring size without a matching ring

If you don't have a model ring to go by, you will have to determine the ring size by directly measuring the finger.

Measuring using a string

You can also measure the size using a string: wrap the string around your finger and then measure the string’s length with a ruler. Make sure that the string does not stretch. You can also use dental floss - it is not elastic, and most people have it on-hand. When measuring, mind the knuckle over which the ring needs to be pulled. Our recommendation, from experience, is that you measure the finger tightly at the knuckle. By this method you will find out the ring's inner circumference.

Measuring using a strip of paper

If you don't have string or dental floss on-hand, you can cut a strip of paper and wrap it around the finger. Proceed in the same way as if you were measuring with a string. It is very important to wrap the paper tightly – otherwise it's easy to overestimate the finger size.

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