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How Can I Make the Most Out of this Powerful Amulet – Evil Eye?


The symbol and superstition of the evil eye is one of the strongest symbolic images in the world.

Hindus believe that jealousy is at the root of power of the evil eye, whether in the form of a malicious or admirable look. We are told that the times of change in life, such as in during puberty, marriage, or childbirth is when one is most vulnerable to the threat of the evil eye.

In our modern world, the idea that too much fame, fortune or success,can bring about one’s downfall reinforces the notion of the need to wear an evil eye. 

Here are a few ways of using your Evil Eye.

  • Keep an Evil Eye charm or bead in your purse or wallet
  • Use an Evil Eye charm or zipper pull on a jacket, purse, gym bag, backpack or any other zipper.
  • You can also add an Evil Eye charm or several different evil eye charms to plain hoop earrings.
  • A Colorful Mini Evil Eye Charm is great for attaching to the closure clasp on a necklace or bracelet.
  • Send a greeting to friends with a Frame-able Evil Eye Note card. Just add your own personalized good luck message. 
  • Glue an Evil Eye Bead onto a candle, attach one to your computer monitor or any other accessory in your home or on your desk at work.
  • The Evil Eye makes a terrific office gift as an Evil Eye Desktop Paperweight!
  • Decorate a houseplant or a holiday tree with Evil Eye Amulets in assorted sizes. The lights on a holiday tree will shine through the translucent blue glass.
  • Don’t forget your dog, cat or other pet! Bring them good luck with an Evil Eye Pet Charm

So I suggest you should probably carry with you the protection of an evil eye amulet, just to be safe!

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