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How to Trick Fate, the Power of the Evil Eye?

Evil Eye Pendant, Evil Eye Jewelery

The word nazar is derived from the Arabic term, “look” or “glance.” Of course, no culture believes that all eye contact is evil. The harmful power comes from emotions such as envy,greed or malice meaning that its victims are people who own something precious: a child, a happy relationship, wealth, fame, a high position or even a healthy body . The Evil Eye fixes on these fortunate things and – exactly how is not explained – causes them to fall into illness, failure, and conflict.

When faced with this magical power, it is natural that people found a magical solution. Although many often call this symbol “the Evil Eye,” these are in fact made to protect you against the Evil Eye. This works on the principle of similia similibus or “like influences like” – many cultures believe that a symbol in the same shape as an evil force can deflect the evil away, much like the best antidotes to snake poison are often made from the poison itself.

Adrisya offers a range of evil eye jewelery that are lovely to gift or even wear as an everyday protector.  

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