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We Just Got Wired!

I was recently asked,  “Is wire wrapped jewelry considered “real “jewelry?" 

What do you think?  

Turning Wire into Art provides endless opportunities and creates lots of hours to create an artful piece. Even though the techniques of working with wire may vary it does not diminish its value as a form of jewellery.  Neither does it take away from the hours of work that are put in to complete one piece, depending on it's weave and complexity.  

I believe there is a certain uniqueness to something different, completely handmade and all the more 100% wire.  What makes it more beautiful is when you combine natural stones into the design.  No two pieces can ever be exactly alike!  Now who wouldn't want that?  

Take a look at our latest design of a quartz bracelet, we have combined different natural stones with alloy wire dipped in gold. We absolutely love the effect, so here's to more Wire Jewellery!


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