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Own the Monsoon – Jewellery Care for the Rainy Season

Monsoon is here, and with it the humidity. While many of us are complaining about how the humidity is messing with our hair, we forget about the sparkling little treasures that we use to adorn ourselves with. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your jewelry pieces sparkling even in the rain.

  1. Silver is more prone to the effects of moisture when compared to gold, causing it to oxidize and tarnish. In order to prevent this from happening, store and keep your jewellery in a dry space.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, avoid storing your jewellery in velvet bags as it will start to tarnish faster than usual. Plastic boxes work best to keep your jewelry.
  3. Always store your jewellery in separate bags. Preferably cotton, satin, zip lock or tarnish-proof jewellery bags; they won’t only prevent your pieces from scratching but with also protect them from the humidity.
  4. Try and avoid getting your delicate beauties wet in the rain as much as possible. It can still cause the metals to lose its shine.
  5. If you are caught in the rain with your jewellery on, make sure you completely dry them before placing them back in their box. Avoid using paper towels or tissues to dry your jewellery as the fibres can scratch the surface of your jewellery. Use a soft cotton cloth instead.
  6. Try placing silica gel bags or even pieces of chalk with your jewellery. The silica gel will absorb the moisture in the environment and protect your possessions from blackening.
  7. Avoid spraying perfume directly on your jewelery, its increased concentration can make your jewelery lose their natural colour.

So celebrate this monsoon, with dressing smart, and remember to protect your jewellery.

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